I need a drink.


Mod notes:

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a dilettante with no real qualifications in History or Philosophy, merely a large amount of curiosity. This fact has probably never been more obvious than in this post, but then I never intended this to be a blog about philosophy or history, outside of how they relate to Professor Smirk’s story.

That being said, I never turn down an opportunity to learn something new, and I used what limited time I could scrounge between my 9-5 job and frantic arting to at least learn some of the basics about these fascinating real world figures.

Most of my information about Descartes comes from Wikipedia, and I adapted it to fit the poor spelling of his name, which I chose to interpret as a bad pun (before deciding to make it even worse, I’m not sure whether to be proud or ashamed of Reneigh). In the real world, Descartes did not inspire any form of transportation, but the Cartesian coordinate system is named in his honour, as he is regarded as the father of analytical geometry, as well as making many other key advances in mathematics.

My main source of information on Aristotle was actually a comedian: Mark Steel created an excellent series of equally entertaining and educational radio shows called the Mark Steel Lectures, which I highly recommend to anyone with a passing interest in historical figures. The series can be obtained for free completely legally on his website (along with a few other of his projects), so check it out. Some of the jokes are rather dated, perhaps even incomprehensible to a transatlantic audience, and I disagree with a lot of his politics, but his passion for making history interesting and relevant really shines through. I say again; check it out!

Finally, many thanks to tumblr user portablegaytardis and livestream resident Squidfaced, who both came to my aid (with identical suggestions, perhaps they’re the same person…) when I was floundering for a horse pun name for Plato. I didn’t end up using their suggestion (Neighto), but it got me thinking in the right sort of way.

PS - I apologise for the wall of text in panels 2 & 3, let me know if you want me to start typing out transcriptions in the notes. Also, sorry for this wall of text too; I’m my own worst editor.

EDIT: And I just realised I completely forgot to thank Professor Uponium for throwing me that first ask. If you want to follow someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, go follow him! He has actual qualifications and teaches too! There’s some fascinating stuff on his blog. Thanks again Prof!